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Today we are launching a new type of platform, and we hope that by doing so, we are also taking the first step to altering the course of our collective futures. We’re trying something fresh, something different, something that we hope will get people’s attention, and more importantly get them to take action.

Right now there is a disconnect between our wishes for the future of the planet, and the tools we have to get there. We all acknowledge that things need to change, but how?

Today’s media is obsessed with fear-mongering tactics, and a pervasive pessimism that would have us all believing that “everything is f*cked, and it’s all our fault,” which has had the undesirable effect of making people feel alienated and ineffectual, unable to figure out what they can do to alter the current path we’re on.

Collectively will break through that negativity and cynicism to help people learn how they can help. Take meaningful action. Choose to make a difference. Because all of those choices will add up to create a serious and lasting impact.

In our articles, we will not only give readers a great story full of useful information, but also something they can do to begin creating the world they want to live in. No action is too small. Each one offers a different way of thinking and living from which we all can benefit.

Sustainability continues to be a term that has to be called out and acknowledged, a set of choices that are somehow differentiated from a “normal” lifestyle. But if we are to survive and our planet is to survive with us, a sustainable lifestyle must simply become our lifestyle. In our collective future that must be the new normal.

That is what Collectively is here to celebrate. We want to showcase the people, places and cutting edge ideas that are creating the change we need to see now to attain a better future.

We aren’t here to talk about sustainability, but rather life – yours, mine and our planet’s.

And we’re here to do it together. Collectively symbolizes a new synergy between industries, institutions and people that moves beyond blame and fault to focus on positive change. We know that if we want the future to be different, better, then we will have to join one another to make it that way.

We’re a new type of collective, dedicated to changing the world. One innovation at a time.

Get inspired. Get Informed. Take Action.

Join us, on Collectively.

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