What is the aim of Collectively?

Collectively aims to inspire people with stories that bring an exciting, sustainable future to life. We want to offer up actions everyone can take today to make this better future a reality.

How is the Collectively team structured?

Collectively has a dedicated editorial team that creates and curates great stories from around the world. Totally separate from that team is one that works on the stories pitched by the platform’s partners.

The Collectively editorial team reports to an Editorial Committee populated by thought leaders from the journalism and sustainability worlds. Their job is to review Collectively’s editorial output and help the team stay true to the platform’s editorial policy and goals.

Who controls what is published on the platform?

The Collectively editorial team decides what goes up on the site and social channels. Brand Partners have no input on what is published on the platform. Once a quarter, the editorial team meets with the Editorial Committee to review the content to date and make sure it is in line with Collectively’s mission.

Why does Collectively have brand partners?

We believe very deeply in the need to seek out and celebrate the solutions being developed today that will help us to create a better world tomorrow. But we aren’t naïve; we know that this change has to come from all types of organizations, including multinational companies with big brands who have the resources to help make positive change happen at scale. Without the active participation of large corporations and institutions in this discussion, widespread change will be difficult to enact. So we are working in tandem with the companies that are actively interested in this mission to help us get there even faster.

Is the Collectively team editorially independent from the brand partners?

100%. Every so often, one of Collectively’s brand partners will approach us with an idea for a story. If we feel that the story is something that our audience would be interested in reading and it communicates our mission statement of acting together to establish sustainability as the new norm, it will be approved and brought to life by the dedicated brand team.

Do brand partners get to sign off on the stories that come from the ideas they have sent to Collectively?

Nope. Collectively accepts story pitches from a variety of sources, including our brand partners, but once they have been selected, the creation and execution lies solely with the platform’s teams.

Can Collectively cover a project featuring a brand that is not on their list of brand partners, even if that brand is a direct competitor of one of the partners?

Of course! If the editorial team discovers an amazing initiative from a brand or organization that is not one of the partners, we are definitely going to tell that story, because first and foremost, that is what the platform is here to do.

Can partners approach the editorial team with content ideas?

No, partners must communicate story ideas through the brand services team.

Can partners contact the editorial team with corrections or feedback?

No, partners should not provide any comments or feedback on editorial content directly to the brand services team.

How can I get my story told?

We want Collectively to act as an open invitation for people to get involved in a conversation about the ingredients of a better, more enriching world. We want to hear from you. Please email us at editorial@collectively.org with requests, ideas, inventions, and initiatives that you would like to see on the site!

How do I collaborate with Collectively?

As well as our formal partners, we are always excited to work with NGOs, non-profits, and other organizations to ensure inspiration creates impact. If you’d like to be part of the collectively community, have an idea or feedback, then contact general@collectively.org.

How can I become a partner?

If you believe as strongly as we do in the Collectively mission and want to lend your support, you can send an email to partnership@collectively.org to receive our partner induction materials.