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Want a better world? Us too. We believe that a lot of the ideas needed to make the world a better place are already out there – they just haven’t been discovered or harnessed yet.

That’s where we come in. Collectively provides people with the spark to make those game-changing ideas a reality. We do this by connecting the right people with the right organisations – the ones that can make change happen.

And that’s why we’re so excited about our new podcast series, Collectively Unleashed. It features innovators and risk-takers from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds, who’ve all transformed their own corner of the world – big or small – with their ideas.

They’ll be talking about how they brought those ideas to life, answering questions, debating with each other and dishing out valuable insights.

It’s going to fiery, fascinating and fun for anyone listening – but we don’t just want an audience for this podcast. We want people to be engaged with what’s being discussed – we want participants.

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Episode one – What can we learn from Crowd funding?



Jen Katan our Collectively Unleashed podcast host

Roz Campbell, founder of Tsuno

Mr Bingo, artist and profesional troll for hire

Zack “Potato Salad” Brown, surprising KickStarter success

Our community want to amplify their ideas, learn new skills and connect with real people. Crowdfunding is a simple answer to all three of these wants.

Join us as we learn from 4 campaigns, from surprising success to coming short of the goal, each has loads of information to share. Click here to download the episode today.


Episode two LIVE launch event – How can we embrace our inner Scandi?


Jen Katan our Collectively Unleashed podcast host

Holly Royce event MC

Emma Gannon,  blogger, podcaster, author, creative 

Jonny Miller, Tribe leader at Escape the City

Melanie Huke, Wellbeing manager at Google.

“The first ever Collectively Unleashed event explored how the Scandi work/life balance can be achieved. Taking inspiration from Pia Webb, author of Improve Your Own Quality of Life: The Swedish Way, and Helen Russell, former editor of Marie Claire UK magazine and author of The Year of Living Danishly, Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest CountryCollectively invited a panel to discuss the Scandi way of life and how you can get it (without having move to another country. Unless you want to, which sounds lovely too actually). ” – gabrieleskelton.com

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Episode three – How can social media help connect and amplify causes for good?


Jen Katan our Collectively Unleashed podcast host

Sarah Corbett,The Founding Director of Craftivist Collective

Sophie Slater, Co-Founder of Birdsong

Stine Wilhelmsen, ‎Project Coordinator at Hubbub UK

Diane Chang-Wardi, Business Lead for Facebook VP EMEA


In this episode we chat about Brexit, the US election, how to be an activist, why introverts hide in toilets and so much more. Who knew the power of social media could be so broad?!

Social Media is a powerful tool and a means of communication to bring justice, educate and stimulate discussion for campaigns and events (both tragic and happy) around the world.

It connects us to one another in new ways, but how can we make this impact more meaningful? We look at projects which have created real change through social media campaigns, reflecting on why they worked and how others can learn from them.

Want to try out some effective craftivism? Try the Craftivist Collective’s many tool kits here… plus they make great Christmas presents.

In the meantime, check out this very special 5 minute BONUS episode looking at gentle protest, introverts and engaging your local government. 



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