The Collective

Collectively was born from an idea: that by bringing together people from around the world and organisations from across sectors, we can together make faster progress towards a future we all want to live in.

We want to connect the people and organisations who are inventing new ways to live, and can help make them spread.

Our Partners

We believe that lasting change only happens when everyone has a seat at the table. We work with start-ups and change-makers, championing their vision, their energy and their innovations. But because start-ups and change-makers don’t have a monopoly on good ideas or goodwill, we also work with global brands and organisations that have the power to scale change. We are working with many of the world’s leading companies who want to help shape a better future for the world. They are supportive of our work, and importantly, they are supportive of our independence. We invite them to listen in, contribute to the debate, and collaborate on ideas to shape a better world.

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Our Service Partners

We’d like to thank the following organisations who have worked with us to make Collectively happen. They have generously provided some or all of their services on a pro bono basis, which helps us to achieve more with less.

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To get more information on how to become one of our partners, email