Watch: 3D-printing crew get creative with plastic waste

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The New Raw – Plastic from The New Raw on Vimeo.

Plastic is everywhere – as both product and waste – as the video above points out. We know by now that it’s a big problem, and various innovative and quirky ideas are being put into place to tackle the issue. This is one of those ideas; definitely innovative, unarguably quirky, and hopefully very useful in the long term as well.

The concept is centred around seeing plastic as a new raw material, rather than waste, and comes from a Greek duo, Foteini Setaki and Panos Sakkas, who wanted to raise awareness of plastic pollution and, ultimately, educate people about the issues surrounding production of waste.

The result was The New Raw, an initiative based on the Greek island of Syros that, as the project’s website puts it, “investigates the merging fields of digital fabrication and material resourcing.” Five specific design concepts arose from the initiative, all of which used plastic waste as a material to create cool new stuff from.

This cool stuff included ‘Missing Part’ (a construction material used to fill building cracks), ‘Re_Stool’ (a compression stool for plastic waste), ‘ReCYCLAD3D’ (a 3D-printing hub for recycled plastic) and even a series of community cat shelters, ‘PET for Pets’.

One thing’s for sure: those all sound like way better options for plastic waste than chucking it in landfill.

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