Watch: Fruit pulp paintings and eco-furniture in a chic, green living space

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Eco Living from Our Greener Future on Vimeo.

Let’s be honest. Stylistically speaking, ‘eco-furniture’ can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, even if it is great for the planet. The Eco Living project, however, is most definitely a hit – and you’ll probably want your home to be filled with the goodies in the video above when you see what’s there.

Masterminded by Monika Margrett – founder of UK sustainability charity Our Greener Future – the project involved turning an attic space into a hub of eco-chic; but the aim wasn’t just to fill it with ecologically sound stuff – anyone can do that. Instead, Margrett wanted to create something that would help lift people’s mood in their own homes, while also sticking to a strict budget of £250.

Take a look at the results above and tell us that they don’t look pretty damn appealing – and remember that 99 per cent of the materials used are natural, organic or reclaimed, including a rather cool painting made from fruit and vegetable pulp.

If you want to give your own home a green makeover, stick around until the end of the video, as there’s info on a series of DIY video tutorials demonstrating how to make your own eco-furniture. And really, it’s not as hard as you might think. So there’s no excuse not to have a go.

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