We’re in love with this Mexican-inspired collection from ethical label Lowie

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Founder-designer Bronwyn Lowenthal on why it’s all about pom-poms this summer

With a store in south London’s Herne Hill and its own e-store, Lowie – pronounced, um, Low-eee – has been one of our go-to ethical London fashion brands for, well, ages. Founded in 2002 by forward-thinking designer Bronwyn Lowenthal, the brand has been repped by fair-fashion-fitted celebs like Erin O’Connor and Lily Cole.

What’s more all the stuff is made to a pretty high sustainable spec: think, organic cotton from recycled yarns, ethically sourced wool, minimal packaging, chemical-free leather with clothes made by happy, happy, well-paid workers in Europe and, um, China.


Mexican monochrome print shell top and pom-pom shorts (£62/89) (Photo: Lowie)

Mexican monochrome print shell top (£62) and pom-pom shorts (£89) (Photo: Lowie)


Yes, China. OK – that sounds a bit fast-fashiony, no? Well, not really, explains Lowenthal. She uses only small, family-run factories that pay above living wage which she checks on at least once a year to make sure everyone’s cool with their deal.

“I see the same happy workers every time I go which leads me to believe they’re being treated well,” she explains. “Recently, I visited a factory in Europe but I could see the workers were stressed and unhappy so I didn’t feel comfortable using them.”


(Photo: Lowie)

Lowie’s Mexican-inspired pom-pom hand made to order in London (Photo: Lowie)


Anyway, you can size up the full ethical-sustainable story on the site. As well as find the latest colour-popping, vintage-inspired Mexicana spring-summer collection inspired, says Lowenthal, some hand-appliquéd 1920s Mexican wool jackets she found on a trip to some vintage markets in London. Which we love. Muchos-ly. Especially the grey crochet-kneck sweater (£109) with the ace pom-pom headband (£49, as above). Oh, and the adorable Inca Chambray jumpsuit (£159).


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